SLOT – Plastic

Our A.B.S plastic linear slot diffusers provide a comb

ination of engineering excellence and architectural appeal in a single product.

The geometric plastic slot construction contributes to clean and crisp straight lines without affecting the air distribution performance.

These products can be applied to ceilings or high side wall locations.

Since these diffusers feature an adjustable supply air pattern, they are intended for pre-setting by the installer for optimum airflow performance.

Our plastic slot diffusers are very suitable for VAV applications as they can maintain stable horizontal air patterns over a wide range of air volumes; even down to low airflow rates.

Aerodynamically shaped pattern controllers contribute to the performance stability while providing a full 180° of air pattern adjustment.

A choice of 3 slot widths is available. The number of slots can range from 1 to 10 all in one piece construction.

The manufacturing process allows that almost any length can be accommodated.

The standard color is white. Options to supply

any recognized RAL color exist for special orders

subject to minimum quantity requirements

being satisfied. Our slot adapter (plenums) are avail

able These are designed to save

on additional fabrication and field labor costs by all

owing for simple connection to

flexible ducting.

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