Duct Manifold

Duct manifolds are manufactured using corrosion-resistant ABS plastic. The insulating properties Of this material prevent condensation making them ideal suited for use with heating/cooling air conditioning systems (temperature 0 to 65°C / 30 to 140°C). Produced by vacuum forming for all A/C evaporator flat types. Duct manifolds serve as the air conditioning system distribution box and are installed between main ducts and flexible ducts or between A/C evaporator unit and flexible ducts. The duct manifolds are triangular shaped with air inlet at the base and flexible duct connections on the sides of the triangle. Each side can contain 1 – 4 & 6 connections of various sizes, thus allowing air distribution to between 2 to 6 end users.The inside of the manifold is lined with a polyethylene foam insulating sheet that covers all branch connections. Openings intended to be used must be cut out. .