C301 + C121 Energy Saving System

The Motion detector detects if someone is present in the room.

If no one is present for predefined time (20, 40, 60 or 90 minutes) the detector send OFF command or if someone enters the room send ON command.

The Motion detector transmit Infra-red signals to the air condition.

The signals are OFF and ON according to the logic.

The motion detector should be set to the air condition remote control protocol type and to the time frame needs for the room application.

The Light circuit is controlled direct line voltage relay contacts.

The relay contact on the C301 should be in serial connection to the main light switch at the room.

The C301 operates direct from 230 Volts AC power line.

The C301 regulate the voltage down to 12 Volts DC which fits the motion detector.

Inside the C121 motion detector there is a control relay that drives the 16 Maps power relay at the C301 board to drive the Light circuit.

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