Multi Purpose Y-Elbow

The advantage of this Multi-Purpose Y-Elbow is that it consists of a number of Different spigot sizes, that the installer determines in the field  which Spigot to use by cutting the unwanted Spigot.

Our Y elbows are manufactured using corrosion-resistant ABS plastic.

The insulating properties of which prevent condensation making them ideal for use with heating/cooling air conditioning systems (temperature 0

to 65°C / 30 to 140°C).

Frequently ordered models are manufactured by injection molding; other models made to customer specifications are produced by vacuum forming.

Y elbows are a convenient and simple connector for branch-offs from flexible ducts.

Slide the flexible duct over the elbow end and fasten it with a plastic bend suited to this purpose.

The elbow is fitted with a collar to secure the flexible duct.

Y elbows have an equal angle of 120° between the branches. Thus the outlet branches are symmetrical to the common inlet branch axis resulting in an equal pressure drop for both outlet branches.

Outlet branches are either equal to inlet branches or smaller.

These Y elbows are uniquely designed and the elbow shell is split into two halves which are joined together on site.

 These stackable Y elbows ship compactly – saving storage space and shipping costs.

Each Y-Elbow is made up of two halves, that can be assembled with a click, which creates complete opacity.

פתחיםיחידת מידה / Unit of measurement
"12 - "10 / "10 - "8 - "6צול / Inch
"14 - "12 / "12 - "10 - "8צול / Inch
"12 - "10 / "8 - "8 - "8צול / Inch

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