Multi Zone System ZC-207

The Proportional Multi zone System ZC-207 is designed to control up to 7 zones with round ABS dampers

(diam. 4”, 6”,8”,10”,12”or 14”), By – Pass electrical proportional damper, 2 relays and communication port.

The ZC-207 have indication panel that will display the status of system operation.

It operates the air conditioning unit by two dry contact relays and is not interfering with the air conditioning controller.

The A/C will receive the command to operate or shut off according to the total system demand for cooling or heating.

The controller receives operation commands from each zone and controls the air damper proportionally.

The system is equipped with quick connectors to ensure convenient and quick installation of the system elements.

The controller C-207 automatically identifies the number of zones connected to it and the opening position of the dampers respectively, the controller will calculate the air conditioning load.

According to the accumulation of the total openings of the

dampers, the proportional electrical by-pass damper and

air conditioners operation isadjusted to the required level of air conditioning.

Consequently, with the decrease in heat or cool load, the evaporator fan speed will decrease, the compressor will stop its operation and in parallel, the by-pass damper will fully open to drain surplus air volume in the system and make an easy start for the fan in the next operation cycle.

The main board C-207 controls: the evaporator fan speeds, one or two stage compressors, heat pump which operates in the heating mode, condenser fan speeds and fan coil.

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