Sheet Metal Adapter

Adapters are used as connectors between supply grilles or ceiling diffuser and return air grilles on one side and to the flexible ducts in the other side.

The connection to the flexible duct is either round or oval according to the size of the adapter.

The various sizes of the adapters are of the various sizes of our grilles and are fit to contain opposed blade dampers (O.B.D) for supply grilles or for ceiling diffusers.

The Adapters spigot can be in angle of 90º as a solution for lack of space in the ceiling are also available.

The adapters are manufactured by Metal Sheet with insulation.

Insulating properties of this material prevent condensation making it ideal suitable for use with A/C systems that both cool and heat (temperature range 0 to 65ºC / 30º to 140 ºF).

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